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Obese people can dramatically reduce weight and diabetes by eating more fruits and vegetables

Obese people can dramatically reduce weight and diabetes by eating more fruits and vegetables

Not one, but 11 research papers have shown that if obese people increase the number of vegetables in their diet for just three months, positive effects can be seen in just three months. It not only reduces weight but also controls type 2 diabetes.

More than 800 people aged 18 years and older have been evaluated in a meta-analysis of already conducted surveys. The research will soon be presented at the European Conference on Obesity.

All the data have been collected and analyzed in-depth and published by Annie Dette Termansen, an expert at the Stenodiabetes Center in Copenhagen, and her colleagues.

However, vegetable foods here mean fruits, pulses, beans, and nuts. Eating them has no effect on triglycerides or blood pressure. But long-term use has yielded some other results. All research published in the English language up to March 2022 was included.

The data collected information from more than 800 people, including heart and diabetes biomarkers such as weight, BMI, blood glucose levels, blood pressure, total cholesterol, and other fats, namely triglycerides. 

In almost all studies, participants were divided into two groups, with the usual group having the freedom to eat whatever foods they wanted, while the control group was given a diet consisting of fruits and vegetables.

When experts fed vegetables for 12 weeks i.e. three months, weight loss of up to five kilograms was observed in most people. Similarly, blood sugar levels improved, cholesterol was controlled and a significant reduction in BMI was also observed.

While no significant difference was observed in regular dieters. Thus, it can be said that overweight and self-diabetic people can still improve their health by adding fruits and vegetables to their diet.

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