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Peaches are delicious and healthy fruit - Health-Teachers

Peaches are delicious and healthy fruit - Health-Teachers

Peach, juicy fruit with yellow skin, which was introduced by Alexander the Great from China to Rome and Greece in the fifteenth century, is also called Persicum malum in Latin, and Persian apple in Urdu.

It is a fruit whose benefits are as great as its great taste. There are many varieties of it, but a good peach is one whose pit is easily separated.

Peaches are a popular common fruit enjoyed by the rich and the poor alike There are three types of them in the market: round flat and lambotri.

Varieties: Peaches are rarely sold by variety, but the color of the pulp, which is sometimes yellow or white, inevitably affects the purchase.

While some people prefer to eat yellow-fleshed peaches, peaches with yellow-fleshed varieties include Elegant lady 'Royal George and Bellegarde, while Mirelle is a white-fleshed variety.

Peaches are delicious and healthy fruit - Health-Teachers

Nutritional properties: Peach is a very healthy fruit that contains many types of vitamins. 100 grams of dried peaches contain 280 mg of vitamin A. Apart from this, vitamins B and C are also present in abundance. 100 grams of peach provide about 60 Kcal calories. does.

Peaches are rich in vitamins A, B, and C, and have healing effects on the body for nutrition and diseases. In cold weather, it is soothing for young people and warm-tempered.

Nectarines are included in it, and due to its constipating effects, the liver releases the toxic wastes of the stomach and intestines. Nature has also created antiseptic effects in it.

Worms are expelled and cannot be born again. When the esophagus becomes inflamed due to the heat of the sun and the conflict of winds, it is corrected by its use.

Peaches are delicious and healthy fruit - Health-Teachers

It should be eaten before food to remove acidity from the stomach. Food including peel is good for digestion and good for constipation. And behind the ear, there are often severe itchy pimples.

Purchasing and Safety: Peaches do not spoil very quickly. If you find overripe yellow or white ones in shiny clean condition, buy them. Or never buy ripe fruit except for making chutney and avoid buying too much rotten fruit.

Dried Peaches: Dried peaches are not as readily available as dried apricots, but despite their scarcity, their popularity is high and people love to use them in dried peach chutneys and cakes, etc. Apart from being eaten plain, it is also widely used in making marble.

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