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Radish: Liver protector - Health-Teachers

radish is an underground root. It is loved as a vegetable all over the world. It has been cultivated since ancient times. The Romans, Greeks, and Egyp

Radish: Liver protector - Health-Teachers

Like carrots, beets, and turnips, radish is an underground root. It is loved as a vegetable all over the world. It has been cultivated since ancient times.

The Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians continued to eat it with gusto. Researchers believe that radish was first cultivated in Western Asia. Apart from winter, it is available in the market in summer as well, but for a shorter period.

It is grown from seeds in small seedlings. When its crop is ready, it is uprooted from the soil along with the root.

At the time of eating, the upper tough part is peeled and separated, then it is made into meatballs. The taste of radishes is usually spicy, although some radishes are slightly sweet.

Radishes come in sizes, such as short, long, and thin. Its color is usually white or sometimes red. People like to eat red radish more than white because it has a mild sweetness.

Radish: Liver protector - Health-Teachers

Radish leaves are cooked in oil like any other vegetable. Radishes provide us with vitamins, such as vitamins A, B, B1, and C (vitamins A, B, B, C), and also provide niacin, folic acid, and oxalic acid.

All these are essential for health. Radish leaves, seeds, and roots are used in Ayurvedic and Unani medicine. Radish salt is used in indigestion. Its powder is also made by mixing other medicines in it. Radish is also eaten in vinegar.

Radish parathas are also made, which are delicious. By drinking radish juice, the urine opens up well and the irritation goes away. A lack of vitamin C causes the gums to bleed, eating radish stops the bleeding.

Radish: Liver protector - Health-Teachers

Radish root is useful in keeping the urinary system healthy and treating syphilis. By using it, warts disappear. Apart from this, if the urine is stopping and the stomach is getting pain, then radish should be eaten.

If there is a sore throat, phlegm is coming and there is a cooling effect on the chest, eating radish is beneficial. According to Shaheed Hakeem Muhammad Saeed, Molly also removes jaundice. It also protects the liver.

Today's fashionable youth do not like to eat radish, because it causes bad breath after eating it. People who like to eat radishes say that after eating radishes, if they are chewed or a few pea seeds are chewed, then the bad breath will go away.

Radish is not an expensive vegetable and is available in cities in all seasons. If the soil is soft, it can be grown anywhere, sun and water are essential for its growth. It can also be grown in orchards.

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