Risk factors for dementia may change with age - Health-Teachers

Risk factors for dementia may change with age - Health-Teachers

Factors associated with the likelihood of developing dementia may change with age, a new study has revealed. Dementia is a mental illness in which a person's mental abilities such as thinking, memory, etc. get lost.

According to the researchers, the findings from the study will help experts accurately predict a person's risk of developing dementia and before suggesting lifestyle changes. The study found that people around the age of 55 who had diabetes and high blood pressure had an increased risk of developing dementia within the next 10 years.

While those around 65 who had heart disease had a higher risk of dementia, and those in their 70s who suffered from diabetes and stroke also had a higher risk of developing dementia. According to research, people over the age of 80 who had diabetes and had a stroke in the past were also at a higher risk of developing dementia.

Emir McGrath of the National University of Ireland, who is also an author of the study, said that the findings could help predict a person's future risk of developing dementia and suggest lifestyle changes. can be given to reduce the risk of dementia.

In this study, researchers reviewed data from the Framingham Heart Study. The Framingham study is currently ongoing in the US and included 4,899 people aged 55 and 2,386 who did not have dementia and 80 and over for whom data were available.
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