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Scientists have released a new list of life-enhancing foods

Scientists have released a new list of life-enhancing foods

There is no doubt that death is certain and its time is also unpredictable, but there are certain foods that can increase the length of life by keeping the body healthy. Scientists have added some new foods to this list.

A University of Southern California dietitian has said that maintaining a combination of starvation and proper diet can prolong life on an individual level.

Rosalyn Anderson, a professor at the University of Wisconsin, has also assisted in this and has conducted a detailed review of the scientific literature on nutrition and longevity.

Thus genes, nutrition, obesity, and other important issues are included in the study. Apart from this, organisms living above insects, birds, animals, and subareas have also been examined.

But there is no fixed formula and one person's prescription may not work for another. The list now includes unrefined carbohydrates, including whole grains, legumes, cruciferous fruits and vegetables, nuts such as almonds, pistachios, walnuts, other nuts, olive oil, and dark chocolate.

But with this, intermittent fasting has also been declared important, that is, it is necessary to go without food for 12 hours for five days every three to four months, then it is beneficial. Then it is important to keep a close eye on blood pressure and cholesterol. The research was published in the basic science journal Cell.

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