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Self-respect has both psychological and real benefits

Self-respect has both psychological and real benefits

Don't think of it as pride because self-respect has many psychological, social, and even practical benefitsIn this regard, scientists have reviewed the existing literature and research and said that the psychological, social, applied and practical benefits of self-esteem have come to light.

It even affects the people around you. In a recent study published in the American Psychologist, Richard Robbins, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Davis, and his colleagues said that self-esteem is very important.

It brings many benefits to education, relationships, business, and employment. For this, scientists have analyzed not one or two but hundreds of studies.

Self-esteem also plays an important role in mental, psychological, and physical health and leads to success in many areas of life. Even its long-lasting effects last a lifetime. Although other factors also play an important role, self-esteem cannot be neglected.

Self-respect has both psychological and real benefits

A positive attitude towards yourself and a positive attitude also plays a very important role, and even one year this trend affects the future. In this regard, Professor Richard himself has examined self-esteem for many years.

He says that people label this as narcissism, egotism, and pride, which is not true because self-esteem is how much you value yourself in your own eyes. This is the reason why it is not correct to call it pride and selfishness.

Richard says that its benefits at different stages of life go from one decade to the next and the cycle goes on and on. Richard says that self-esteem and self-love are opposites of each other, which is why maintaining self-esteem is so important.

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