Significant success in determining brain location in epileptic seizures

Significant success in determining brain location in epileptic seizures

The worst form of epilepsy is that in which no medicine works and excision of the affected tissue remains the last resort. Now experts have achieved extraordinary success in pinpointing the exact location of the seizure in the brain, otherwise pinpointing the actual location of the disturbance was very difficult.

Carnegie Mellon University professor Bin Hai and his colleagues, in collaboration with Harvard Medical School, have developed a new technology that is minimally invasive and also painful and works under electrophysiological recordings.

In severe cases of epilepsy, it is necessary to remove the affected part of the spleen. In the traditional method, electrodes are placed on the upper surface of the brain through a hole in the skull. Electrodes are used for days and weeks to determine the location in the brain where epileptic seizures originate. This process takes a lot of time, the cost increases and the patient suffers a lot of pain.

Significant success in determining brain location in epileptic seizures

Now the new method can identify the epileptic brain area with 88% accuracy in just ten minutes. After that, the surgeon can operate in this place thanks to surgery.

This technology was tested on a total of 27 people, and its results were encouraging. In this regard, the help of machine learning and AI has also been taken. However, there is still a need for electrodes to be drilled into the skull, but there is no need to wait years or weeks for accurate determination.

When the tissue and cells of the same location were removed from the operation, 92 percent of the patients had epileptic seizures. In this process, the electrodes noted the flow of electrical signals in the brain, and in the event of a disturbance, the software itself predicted an epileptic seizure.
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