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Significant success in eliminating cancer with sound waves

Significant success in eliminating cancer with sound waves

The University of Michigan has announced the promise of eradicating cancer tumors in mice with sound waves, saying that not only was the experiment successful, but the recurrence rate of the cancerous tumors was also negligible.

This is a painless therapy in which mice are first given liver cancer. Then these tumors were eliminated with sound waves. When a sufficient number of tumors have disappeared, the liver activates and its immune system wakes up and destroys the remaining tumors so that the disease does not recur.

Zen Zhu, an expert in biomedical engineering at the University of Michigan, says that although we can eliminate tumors completely with sound if the cancerous abscesses on the liver are reduced by 50 to 75 percent, the immune system will automatically remove the remaining tumors and cancer cells. Terminates.

This is why 80 percent of the mice did not have cancer return, which is a great achievement. The technology is called histotripsy, in which sound waves are used to remove cancerous tumors with millimeter precision. Although it has been tested on humans, the results will take time.

Although it is not medically prudent to remove certain parts of cancer, in many complex cases, the cancerous abscess cannot be completely removed directly because the location, size, and grade of the tumor may make it impossible or difficult.

This is why sound therapy has been shown to eliminate cancerous tumors by 50 to 75 percent. Experts are hopeful that this strategy will be considered by other specialists as it has shown great promise for liver cancer.

Liver cancer is among the most common cancers and the leading cause of death. This therapy replaces normal ultrasound imaging of the body. Best of all, it can also avoid many of the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

This technology is called High Amplitude Microsecond Length Ultrasound. When it is focused on a tumor, it begins to break down. The microsecond waves create microscopic bubbles on the tumor that expand and burst.

This causes the cancerous tumor to gradually disintegrate and disappear. Michigan experts have been working on this technology for 13 years.

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