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Some foods that can be eaten together can cause major damage

Some foods that can be eaten together can cause major damage

As we all know that eating the right food at right time keeps us healthy. However, certain foods eaten together can be detrimental to health, even if they are both equally healthy.

It's important to keep in mind that there are certain combinations of foods that can be harmful to our health, no matter how many health benefits each one of them has.

Nevertheless, it is advisable to consult your nutritionist before making any changes to your diet.

Fruit and yogurt

Of course, fruits are considered to be the healthiest foods but only when eaten alone - but if you eat them with other foods like yogurt, they can cause a sour stomach and indigestion - if If you want to add sweetness to your yogurt, try adding cinnamon, as it has many health benefits for your heart, lowers cholesterol, and can soothe your throat.

Milk and Cane Juice

Some foods that can be eaten together can cause major damage

Drinking both milk and orange juice for breakfast can cause an upset stomach because oranges contain acid that can coagulate the milk, making it look like cheese.

This discomfort can last from 2 to 6 hours, depending on your acid level. This can also result in bloating as milk takes longer to digest, and can also cause heartburn.

Burgers and fries

It's very common for burgers to be served with fries, but experts don't think it's right - experts say eating not one but two burgers with chips is healthier - it can make you feel fuller for longer because You're getting more protein, and so you can take in fewer calories while you're cutting down on carbs. By ordering 2 burgers, you can also keep your blood sugar levels under control.

Water and food

Some foods that can be eaten together can cause major damage

While it may seem normal to have a glass of water with your meal, drinking it while eating can pose several health risks. First, it can reduce the amount of saliva produced in your mouth, which is a key factor in digestion.

It becomes thinner, which can prevent food from breaking down in your mouth. This can result in weight gain, acidity, and insulin spikes in your body.

Bananas and milk

Eating bananas and milk together makes the mixture very heavy and very toxic. It causes heaviness in the body and slows down the mind.

According to research, eating bananas and milk together not only disturbs our digestive system because it is heavy but also damages our bones. It causes sinus congestion, cold, cough, and other allergies like rashes on the body.

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