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Stay active in old age and ward off stroke - Health-Teachers

Stay active in old age and ward off stroke - Health-Teachers

A study has warned that sedentary activities in old age increase the risk of stroke in older adults by 14 percent. That is, physical exertion and lack of activity can increase the risk of this disease.

According to a foreign news agency, a study at an American university found that people who spend more than 13 hours of the day sitting, compared to those who spend less than 11 hours in this way. spend, the chances of suffering from stroke are high.

In contrast, 25 minutes of moderate exercise per day reduced the risk of stroke by more than 40%Past studies have shown that laziness can cause fat to build up in our arteries, which can increase the risk of heart disease.

Physical activity helps reduce the risk of stroke by lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, and lipids. Experts from the University of California, San Diego, put motion tracking devices on men and women with an average age of 63.

Participants in the study were asked to wear accelerometers on their waists, which tracked how much and with what intensity they moved for a week. They were required to wear the device for 16 hours a day but were allowed to take it off at night when sleeping.

The results measured the amount of time people spend after waking up being inactive throughout the day, doing light exercise such as walking around the house, or more vigorous exercise such as cycling.

Passive activities mean sitting in a chair, lying on the couch, or standing for long periods. Seven years later, when the researchers analyzed the medical records of these individuals, it was found that those who were inactive for more than 13 hours a day had a higher risk of stroke.

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