Sugar is not just a food, it also does amazing things - Health-Teachers

Sugar is not just a food, it also does amazing things - Health-Teachers

Sugar is one of the things that are always present in the kitchen because who doesn't like sweet food and tea also seems boring without it to most people, but did you know that apart from the satisfaction of sugary food, there is something more.

It can do things you have never imagined. From getting rid of blemishes to beauty treatments, sugar can also be used to get rid of various problems and save thousands of rupees.

Wound healing: According to various research reports, sprinkling sugar on wounds before washing and dressing them helps kill bacteria, which prevents damage from healing quickly. Bacteria need moisture to thrive while sugar draws water from the wound.

Relieves burning tongue: Hot tea or eating has burnt the tongue, if this is experienced then suck on a pinch of sugar, it will help in instant relief.

Sugar is not just a food, it also does amazing things - Health-Teachers

Effective against bee and insect stings Bee stings or insect stings are quite painful, to get rid of it, mix equal amount of sugar and water and leave it on the affected area for twenty minutes.

Treatment of hiccups: Eating a spoonful of sugar helps in preventing hiccups.

Makes lipstick last longer: Sprinkle some sugar on lips after applying lipstick, wait for a minute and then peel off. The sugar will absorb the lipstick's moisture and improve its color.

Make hair shine: Adding a spoonful to your favorite shampoo can make your hair look cleaner and shinier than usual.

Sugar is not just a food, it also does amazing things - Health-Teachers

And who wouldn't love clean and shiny hair? However, this method should not be used every time but should not be tried more than once or twice a month.

Extend the life of flowers in a vase: Mix three teaspoons of sugar with two tablespoons of vinegar in warm water and then pour into the vase. The sugar will feed the roots of the flowers while the vinegar will inhibit bacteria.

Get rid of insects and red bags: Mix equal amounts of sugar and baking powder and sprinkle this mixture on any place where insects or red bags are suspected, sugar will attract the insects while baking powder will repel them.

Will end Similarly, mix one spoon of sugar with one spoon of sugar in one cup of water and soak the bread in this mixture. Scatter these pieces of cotton on the insect-infested area.

Spot cleaning: Mix sugar and warm water to make a paste and apply it on the spots. Leave this mixture for one to two hours and then wash the clothes as usual.
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