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Sweet Pumpkin is a delicious memory-boosting vegetable - Health-Teachers

Sweet Pumpkin is a delicious memory-boosting vegetable - Health-Teachers

The name of the owner of the orange round slightly hard skin is sweet pumpkin. It is also called Cucurbita peo in botanical language. Its pulp is orange in some places it is called by the name of Ventra lucois while in English it is called Pumpkin.

Sweet pumpkin North America is famous for the commercial production of this vegetable. In Europe, America, Canada, it can be decorated and used in new ways on Thanksgiving and Halloween festival.

History shows that sweet pumpkins were first cultivated in North America and if you look into the history of sweet pumpkins, pumpkin seeds were used in Mexico from 7 to 5500 BC.

A typical sweet pumpkin weighs 2.7 to 8 It can be up to 2 kg, while sweet pumpkins weighing 34 kg and one ton have also been seen. The English word Pumpkin actually comes from the Greek word papon, which means big melon.

Sweet Pumpkin is a delicious memory-boosting vegetable - Health-Teachers

Any type of sweet pumpkin grows only in winter. Sweet pumpkin is available in light yellow, orange and white colors.

After the changes in agriculture, modern machines and changes brought in batches, sweet pumpkin is now grown all over the world.

In terms of production, the United States, China, India and Mexico are leading in the production of sweet pumpkin. In the United States alone, 680 million kilograms or 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins are grown.

Sweet pumpkins are commonly used as food in the United States. Sweet pumpkins are usually harvested in July. Rich in minerals and water, 100 grams of raw sweet pumpkin contains only 26 calories.

It is the best and cheapest source of vitamin betachromine, vitamin A, and vitamin C. As mentioned earlier, sweet pumpkins are very important nutritionally. You are an example of oil and beetroot.

According to nutritionists, sweet pumpkin is full of healthy properties. There is nothing better than sweet pumpkin for weight loss.

It contains very little amount of carbohydrates and calories. The sweet potato-like taste can become a favorite of those who want to lose weight.

Sweet Pumpkin is a delicious memory-boosting vegetable - Health-Teachers

In addition, eating sweet pumpkin can help young people get rid of the habit of eating junk food. Keeps the stomach full for a long time. Sweet pumpkin is also the best choice for the skin. Eating it with carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.

provides beta carotene and this is all because of its deep orange color. Creatine is converted into vitamin A which is very important for the health of our skin.

By using it, the skin remains smooth, skin problems get rid of quickly, it protects against aging. Eating it mixed with chili, red onion, turnip can provide the best nutrition to the body.

The sweet pumpkin center contains high levels of antioxidants and saturated fatty acids. It also contains gamato, a powerful antioxidant.
It is also a fact that the natural compounds in sweet pumpkin are also important in preventing some types of cancer.

Regular consumption of it in the diet can also eliminate Alzheimer's. Eat sweet pumpkin, which will give the brain chemistry response and depression and anxiety can also be eliminated.

Sweet pumpkin is the best source of magnesium, which is also known as the teacher's tranquilizer.

Sweet Pumpkin is a delicious memory-boosting vegetable - Health-Teachers

Because it keeps the person calm Sweet pumpkin also has the ability to lighten vision in abundance, thus eating sweet pumpkin rich in beta carotene improves vision, cures eye diseases and reduces the risks of blindness.

Due to the antioxidants present in sweet pumpkin, sweet pumpkin is the best food for the whole body, a protective shield for the heart and arteries. The large amount of fiber in it keeps cholesterol levels in check in the form of pulp and beech.

The fiber present in it lowers the blood pressure level. Sweet pumpkin is rich in vitamin A and C which helps to get rid of winter related problems as well as strengthens the immune system and keeps us safe from diseases in winter. Sweet pumpkin ginger soup keeps colds at bay.

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