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The story of a woman who shares the secret to losing weight fast

The story of a woman who shares the secret to losing weight fast

Do you want to reduce your body weight? So know that this is not such an easy task but a test of your willpower, because overnight success in this goal is very rare. The motivation can be boosted by those who surprised everyone by succeeding in this goal. Today we will talk about a woman who, fed up with people's critical comments, decided to lose weight and succeeded in this goal.

London-based Nilofar, 32, a nurse by profession, embarked on a weight loss journey when she realized she desperately needed to lose weight to live a healthy life. Amazingly, Nilofar lost 9.5 kg in just 2.5 months, which very few people can do. Narrating her story, 32-year-old Nilofar Keshwani Sutra said that I was not unhappy with my excess weight, but I was very satisfied, but sometimes I felt that if I gained a few more kilos, I might get into trouble. 

Another sad aspect of the woman's weight loss was that people used to harass her with unwanted and critical comments about her weight. However, for the sake of his health, he decided to lose weight.

Nilofar said that since the day I decided to lose weight, I have not looked back! * What was included in Nilufer's diet plan? Nilufar uses mung dal, poha, and protein-rich foods for breakfast. Also, drink a cup of tea without sugar.

A woman eats a bowl of kadi, chapati, and plain rice for lunch. While using salad, soup, khichdi, and dal for dinner. Nilofar's workout includes a lot of walking, squats, yoga, and jumping jacks.

She further narrated her story and said that during my weight loss journey, I had a lot of support from my husband. In fact, it was he who advised me to lose weight, thanks to which I feel healthier than ever. Nilufar Keshwani Sutra said that she is keen to lose more weight and will lose more weight in the coming years.
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