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Tukh Malanga is the treasure of health hidden in small black seeds - Health-Teachers

Tukh Malanga is the treasure of health hidden in small black seeds - Health-Teachers

Seasons created by nature are a priceless blessing for us, their change is beneficial for mankind, every season has its own distinct color and style, winter season is best for our physical development, cold body Shrinking is the internal organs of our body and according to every season, nature has created nutritious foods for us which we use.

Autumn is the season of falling leaves when the trees are cleared of old leaves and new leaves show the refreshing spring on the trees. There are, but only because of the intensity of heat, the juice is produced in the fruits, so this is the definition of seasons.

According to each season, nature has also created foods for us so that we can enjoy each season to the fullest and be protected from its harmful effects.

With us, the longest-lived summer is the one that brings to mind intense thirst, sweat, and nervousness. It is a sign, the proof of this is that if the speed of breathing of a living being ends, then life will take the form of death in a few seconds.

Tukh Malanga is the treasure of health hidden in small black seeds - Health-Teachers

By creating different climates, climate change is an important part of the life cycle. To stay safe from the heat in the summer, nature has created many such blessings, the use of which proves to be extremely useful.

Balinga seeds are also among them, which we may have forgotten to use. It is a very useful item that helps to remove stomach heat.

Balinga Seed Plant:
Balinga seed plant is not very large but its plant is considered to be one of the plants that have the highest fatty acid content.

The effect of Balinga seeds is cooling. These are small batches that swell up when put in water. They are mixed with phyllode or mixed with cold water or milk and consumed regularly to kill body heat and coolness.

Produces for human health, small seeds have the power to fight heat or heat. Chimbalanga, also known as Chimmalanga, the plant is a great blessing for us from nature that contains many types of minerals and other useful ingredients, which are required by our body.

It kills and also creates cold in the body. Medicinal Benefits of Balinga Seeds: Like the nutritional benefits, the medical benefits of Balinga seeds are numerous.

Consuming Balinga seeds in foods makes them nutritious as they are low in calories, so eating them helps in weight loss. It does not gain weight, meaning it is ideal for weight loss.

Tukh Malanga is the treasure of health hidden in small black seeds - Health-Teachers

Buckwheat balances the insulin levels in the body as insulin causes weight gain and belly fatTherefore, if obese people consume four spoons or a handful of baling seeds daily, their weight will decrease significantly.

People who use thukmalanga daily have fewer complaints of any kind of inflammation or pain because it contains omega-3 fatty acids that strengthen the joints and prevent inflammation.

Emphasize this because it is also a means of bringing relaxation to the human body. In addition, an important component of tryptophan is also found in the sperm, which is also called a type of amino acid.

Brings relaxation to the body, which has an overall effect on vital health. Two tablespoons of Balinga seeds provide up to 10 grams of fiber in our body, which is one-third of our daily requirement.

Besides, daily use of Balinga seeds cleans the stomach and intestines, which also improves digestion. Lives.

Balinga seed for beauty: Research has proved that a balanced seed is important for our health as well as beauty. It contains natural mineral components like copper, iron, zinc, etc.

Tukh Malanga is the treasure of health hidden in small black seeds - Health-Teachers

It is very useful for our skin and hair. Balinga seed oil is also obtained. Its oil prevents dehydration of the skin, Balinga seed oil is very useful for women, it also contains lipoic ingredients that help prevent the effects of aging on the face and hands.

Its oil is high in antioxidants and poly nutrients, it contains flavonoid acid which acts as a powerful antioxidant and prevents the formation of wrinkles and lines on the skin thus increasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Helps prevent the effects of aging.

Kale seeds naturally contain iron, which is considered essential for keeping hair thick and long. Iron also causes oxygen supply to hair and hair roots and skin.

Due to a lack of iron, hair starts to fall quickly and its density is lost, so the use of sesame seeds in your daily diet is also for this reason. It is unnecessary

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