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Watermelon Benefits That Make It A Superfood

Watermelon Benefits That Make It A Superfood

Watermelon is a delicious, colorful, and nutritious fruit that is no less than a gift to the people of the subcontinent. These antioxidant and mineral rich properties of watermelon also make it a superfood. This is because watermelons are produced abundantly in India and are commonly available at very low cost.

The majority of watermelon consists of water. Being 80 to 90 percent water, it is an instant thirst quencher whose highly digestible sugars make it a wealth of instant energy. It is also a precious gift of nature for those who suffer from fatigue and exhaustion in summer.

Despite the lack of pulp in watermelon, it contains many useful ingredients, the list of which is very long. Watermelon contains iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, and other valuable components.

It goes into the stomach and makes the whole digestive system very powerful and better. The medical literature also appears to be leading in the praise of watermelon. Apart from this, various vitamins present in watermelon are also very useful.

Watermelon Benefits That Make It A Superfood

The American website Healthline lists nine major benefits of watermelon that are immediate. First, it quenches thirst and maintains the amount of water in the body. It is very useful.

Certain ingredients present in it beautify the skin and this is the reason why some beauty creams and face products contain watermelon ingredients.

Useful in heart and blood pressure

The American Heart Association has rated it as very beneficial for the heart and blood pressure. According to the website WebMD, it also prevents the risk of diabetes thanks to the lysopine and other antioxidants present in watermelon. The same lysopine also protects the skin from sunburn.

One of its constituents is sterol, which keeps the heart and blood pressure in a healthy state. Some small studies have shown that regular consumption of watermelon reduces the risk of heart attack.

Joint protection

Watermelon Benefits That Make It A Superfood

Among the abundant natural colors of watermelon is a beta cryptoxanthin. It reduces joint pain and their internal inflammation. Therefore, regular consumption of watermelon plays an important role in protecting against joint pain.

Watermelon and vision

Watermelon contains good amount of vitamin A which is very important vitamin for eyes and vision. Eating just one slice of watermelon daily provides up to 10% of the daily value of vitamin A. Therefore, especially children should be fed watermelon.

Helpful in exercise

Watermelon is rich in antioxidants and a variety of amino acids that also provide energy for exercise or work. Thus, there is no better nutritious food for the youth than watermelon.

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