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After brain surgery, the young girl lost her memory

After brain surgery, the young girl lost her memory

A 22-year-old girl has lost most of her memory after brain surgery. He can't remember anything now even with great effort. Veronika Fefencic from Edinburgh had a brain tumor that was successfully removed and is cancer-free.

Still, a strange incident has happened to her that she no longer recognizes her parents, and has forgotten her home and her family. Even the dearest friends are becoming unfamiliar.

But when they are told that they are cured of cancer, they are overjoyed. First of all, Veronica's hearing in the right ear was also lost, which worried her.

After that, it was shown in different hospitals, and after MRI, it was found that there was a very old cancerous tumor that may have been there since childhood. After that, the sensation in the legs was lost and the complaint of a headache began to arise all the time.

In 2014, she underwent her first surgery, after which she lost her memory and now has forgotten her entire childhood. She doesn't even know about her favorite childhood sport, football, and the memories of her friends have been erased.

He was diagnosed with cancer again in 2021. To raise money for his treatment, he worked hard and even walked 10,000 steps, which was sponsored by a company.

In the first phase, they collected one million British pounds. Now she will undergo another surgery and doctors are hopeful that she will recover.

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