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Artificial Sweeteners May Cause Cancer - Health-Teachers

Artificial Sweeteners May Cause Cancer - Health-Teachers

Artificial sweeteners have very few calories, so they are often added to foods and drinks with the idea that they will help with weight loss. They are also used in toothpaste, toffees, and chewing gum to prevent tooth decay.

People generally believe that artificial sweeteners are good for health, but a study of over 100,000 French adults found that artificial sweeteners are actually not as good for us as we think.

The study, conducted by Charlotte Debris, Mathilde Tovier, and their colleagues at the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research and Souborn Paris Nord University, found a link between artificial sweeteners and an increased risk of cancer.
Artificial Sweeteners May Cause Cancer - Health-Teachers

They analyzed 102,865 French adults who volunteered to participate in the study. Before the study, people provided data on their medical history as well as sociodemographic diet, lifestyle, and medical issues.

Information on artificial sugar intake was also obtained from participants' 24-hour dietary records.

During follow-up, the medical team collected information on cancer diagnoses and analyzed whether there was a link between artificial sweetener consumption and cancer risk.

In a joint statement from Tovier, Debris, and Healthline, experts said studies show that regular consumption of artificial sweeteners may be linked to an increased risk of cancer.

In addition, the team also found increased risks of breast cancer and a group of obesity-related cancers, including colorectal (bowel) and prostate cancer.

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