Back pain and effective exercises - Health-Teachers

Back pain and effective exercises - Health-Teachers

Listed below are effective exercises for back pain relief that will benefit the sufferer:

(1) If you have pain in your back, give up exercise for a few days, but if you have pain in the lower back, strengthen your legs and abdominal muscles with light exercise, and if you are overweight, reduce it.

(2) When lifting, divide the weight into two equal parts, lifting the weight from one side causes pain due to increased pressure on the back muscles. It is better to carry the weight on a small trolley so that the back muscles are not strained.

(3) Do not place your seat too far back while driving. In this way, if the legs are extended, there will be stress on the back. If the legs are higher than the hips, the back will not get pain. The lumbar support on the seat also provides comfort and support to the back.

(4) Do not sleep on your stomach. Sleep with a right crotch and a pillow between the knees or put a pillow on the back. Do not sleep on loose beds and mattresses, otherwise, the back pain will not go away.

(5) Whenever you walk, walk straight, as if you have a crown on your head. Do not bend down. Do not use high-heeled shoes. If you have a bag with you, carry it alternately on both shoulders or the belt of the bag should be long. If so, put a cover on the shoulder, this way the back pain will not bother you.

(6) Whenever you are standing, stand up straight. Your chin should be pulled in and the lower part of the stomach should be raised forward. In case of standing for a long time, alternately lean your feet on a high place, so that the back pain is relieved.

(7) If you are sitting, keep your knees slightly higher than your hips. For this, use a 35-inch high stool. Rest your waist on a hard pillow or the back of a chair and keep your knees crossed alternately. Thus there will be no risk of back pain.

Five Principles of Weight Lifting

(1) Before lifting the weight, keep the distance between the two feet and plant them firmly on the ground. In this way, stand close to the weight and carefully bend towards the knees (do not bend the back). Take a deep breath and lower the abdominal muscles. , so that the back can be supported by them and then lift the weight.

(2) Hold the weight and lift the weight while straightening your legs and keeping your back straight. You will feel that your legs are stronger than your back.

(3) Keep the weight close to the stomach and carry the load slowly with minimum burden on the back.

(4) In case of turning, bend only the feet, not the back. In this way, back pain will not occur.

(5) Put the equipment down in the same manner as you picked it up, i.e. bend your feet, but keep your back straight.
Before putting the weight down, remove your fingers from under the weight.

Back exercises

(1) Lie on the floor in such a way that both your knees are raised. Now hold the right foot below the knee with both hands and bring it close to the shoulder and count to five. Similarly, bring the left foot close to the shoulder. Do this 3-3 times.

(2) Lie down with your knees straight as in the first exercise.
Bringing your right foot towards the chest, slowly raise it towards the ceiling, until the knee is completely straight. After counting to six, without bending the leg, slowly hang it on the floor and raise the knee as before. Now left. Do the same exercise from Monday. Do this exercise five times every Monday.

(3) Lie on the floor with your knees bent. Keep both hands under your head. Tighten the stomach and tuck the hips and lift upwards, in such a way that the lower part rises above the floor. Now return to the original position after counting to five. Do this exercise five times.

(4) Sit on the chair in such a way that the head and back remain straight and both hands rest on the chair. Now raise your shoulders up to the ears and count to five. Now raise both hands straight towards the ceiling. Count to five. Repeat this exercise three times.

(5) If the back pain persists even after 72 hours. Back pain increases in intensity. Pain spreads to the legs and arms. Arms and legs become numb. Pain attacks twice a year. If you experience back pain with fever, difficulty urinating and any abnormality in your genitals, contact your doctor immediately.
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