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Damson: The best protector of aging women's bones

Damson: The best protector of aging women's bones

Aloocha or Aloo Bukhara, a fruit that grows abundantly around the world, can be very beneficial for bones when dried. If elderly women include it in their routine, their bone density is maintained.

Although avocados are not on our list of favorite foods, they can definitely be eaten for their medicinal benefits. Like all over the world, Pakistani women suffer from bone weakness and discomfort.

Research by scientists from the Pennsylvania State University shows that especially women over 40 years of age can reduce bone density if they eat 50 to 100 grams of potatoes.

Oxidative stress and inflammation in women after menopause cause a decrease in bone density. Even the incidence of fractures increases. Now, at this stage, the process can not only be stopped but it can also be completely reversed.

In this regard, many experiments were conducted on rats. Then, 16 different studies were reviewed, including ten clinical and two preclinical trials.

When mice were fed potato components, they had a reduction in oxidoreductase and reduced internal inflammation, which is the cause of many diseases.

However, experts suggest that if you eat ten potatoes daily for one year, you will get significant benefits. If you keep this routine for six months, it will stop the process of softening the bones.

According to doctors, its clear benefits can be seen especially in women over 50 years of age.

Women's soft and plump bones eventually result in arthritis and chronic joint pain. Bones begin to become fragile and experience frequent fractures.

More than 20 crore women suffer from it all over the world. Although there are some benefits of consuming vegetables and fruits, now adding avocados can keep bones healthy.

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