Facial freshness is not difficult anymore

Facial freshness is not difficult anymore

Just make-up or facial is not enough to keep the face fresh and fresh. It is necessary to take full care of physical health to keep a good appearance.

Along with food, daily routines, and mental conditions, all of them are beautiful and beautiful. There is a direct relationship. Therefore, where many efforts are made to look good, let's examine the daily routines as well.

Taking care of the following few things, not only beauty can be maintained, but they can also help in maintaining physical health.

Foods rich in vitamins

Facial freshness is not difficult anymore

Nutritionists say that vitamins should be used regularly in the diet. Vitamins can also be used as daily supplements.

Vitamins must be included in the diet. Various vitamins help in keeping the skin, nails, and hair in good shape.

For example, vitamin B helps in making the skin and hair healthy, and vitamin B2 strengthens the nails while maintaining the oil balance of the skin.

C helps increase the amount of oxygen in the skin. Vitamin D and EF are also essential for physical health.

Vitamins found in fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, pulses, and various nutrients not only make you healthy but also are made through the freshness of the skin, the strength of hair and nails, and the increase in beauty.

Increase consumption of fresh vegetables and seasonal fruits in the diet

Facial freshness is not difficult anymore

Fruits and vegetables contain phytochemicals, which cannot be obtained from supplements. These phytochemicals help reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body and remove waste materials.

Apart from boosting the immune system, it also reduces the effects of aging. It also helps in making the body feel energetic and youthful.

At least eight glasses of water should be drunk daily

The best way to keep the skin and body healthy is to consume more water. Water helps to flush out waste products from the body and make the skin brighter, but excessive consumption of coffee, soda, caffeine, and tea can damage the body. And causes dehydration in the skin.

Consuming unsaturated fats

Facial freshness is not difficult anymore

Fat is necessary for the body and skin, but the ingredients from which it should be obtained should not contain high cholesterol, i.e. animal fat or saturated fat should not be used indiscriminately.

Instead, use unsaturated fats that come from plants like olive oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, or canola oil daily. Fats from these sources make hair soft and skin shiny.

Yes, they have less cholesterol, so they fulfill the fat requirement of the body without gaining weight.


Daily light exercise or walking increases the blood flow and helps oxygenate the blood, keeping the body healthy and fit.

Twenty minutes of exercise, at least three days a week is beneficial in maintaining good health.

Apply sun protection

Facial freshness is not difficult anymore

Ultraviolet rays from the sun are harmful to the skin and hair. To protect the skin from dark spots, wrinkles and moles, use a good sun protection cream or a quality sun block before going out in the sun.

The head hair should be covered with a scarf and sunglasses should be placed on the eyes so that the hair and eyes are protected from the effects of the sun.

Precautions should be taken during the hot days, especially in the sun from 10:00 am to 2:30 pm. go
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