Half an hour of weekly weight-lifting exercise can prolong life

Half an hour of weekly weight-lifting exercise can prolong life

We know that physical fitness and muscle strength can protect us from disease and increase our lifespan. Now, British research says that lifting weights for 30 to 60 minutes a week can strengthen muscles and increase longevity.

According to a paper published in the British Medical Journal of Sports Medicine, strength training and exercise can increase longevity. In this context, weight lifting and stretching exercises are significant.

According to the research, 16 cohorts of surveys and studies conducted on approximately 480,000 participants have been meta-analyzed. The survey included adults of various ages and thus is a broad data set that has its own statistical significance.

The report states that lifting weights for 30 to 60 minutes a week has sound effects on the heart. Cardiovascular health has positive effects on the whole body, so they may live longer than other people.

On the other hand, their quality of life can also improve. However, experts have also emphasized walking and jogging for their dual benefits, which may have better effects.
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