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Scientists have given the most accurate alarm to wake up from sleep

Scientists have given the most accurate alarm to wake up from sleep

Can there be an alarm or a tune that wakes us up from sleep and gives some energy to the body?

Although this question was asked by the Greeks in 500 BC, scientists now have an answer that certain frequencies and beats-per-minute alarms can over-activate the conscious part of the brain. That way we can wake up better.

After initial research, experts have said that Michael Jackson's childhood song 'ABC' is the best example of what he sang at the age of eleven.

The special thing about this song is that its frequency is 500 Hz and it has up to 100 beats. These two elements together create a tune that activates the awakening part of the mind and we can open our eyes in an energetic way.

Dr. Stuart McFarlane, an acoustician at Australia's famous RMIT University, and his colleagues say that we choose an alarm on the phone based on its tune, not the correct one, but other details.

Experts have emphasized that the way we wake up can affect our body throughout the day, in addition to making daytime activities such as driving difficult, scientists have named this condition sleep inertia.

Scientists have given the most accurate alarm to wake up from sleep

This is why the morning alarm should be one that acts like a switch to wake us up completely. The prefrontal cortex in the brain is activated much later when waking up, while other parts of the brain wake up a little earlier.

This is why the frequency of the correct alarm wakes up the correct part of the brain.

In order for us to wake up, it is necessary that the blood flow to all parts of the brain is exactly the same as it is in wakefulness, and certain frequency sounds can help with this.

In light sleep, our electrical waves emit theta rays, while in the deepest sleep, delta waves are emitted.

According to experts, the alarm should be high in people between 18 and 25 years, but the scientific formula of alarm will be this. The frequency of the alarm should be up to 500 Hz and the number of beats should be 100 to 120.

Interestingly, these same free-Quincy alarms work best on very young children.

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