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Eat wolfberry, protect against Alzheimer's

Eat wolfberry, protect against Alzheimer's

A popular fruit common in China and North America is the wolfberry or goji berry, which has been eaten for thousands of years. It is now known that this berry also protects against Alzheimer's and dementia.

Chinese scientists have discovered the whole scientific method of preventing Alzheimer's from this berry.

It is also commonly used in Chinese cuisine. These dried berries and their supplements are now available in Pakistan as well.

We already know that goji berries are packed with antioxidant properties and repair reactive oxygen species damage.

Reactive oxygen species can cause heart disease, cancer, and brain degeneration.

In a painstaking study, experts from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have examined the nervous system of goji berries at the molecular level. First, they have been tested on C. Elegans worms.

Scientists were surprised to learn that important chemical components of the berry destroy the amyloid beta protein that can cause Alzheimer's. It should be noted that this protein binds to the brain cells and impairs their ability.

All these investigations have been published in the FASEB journal. Basically, it prevents the formation of reactive oxygen species and thus reduces the production of amyloid beta protein.

Scientists have also identified a gene found in the berry that activates a mitochondrial protein called MTUPR.

This greatly reduces the production of beta protein. In this way, understanding the entire berry system will pave the way for the treatment of Alzheimer's.

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