Ten minutes of daily walking or physical activity can increase lifespan

Ten minutes of daily walking or physical activity can increase lifespan

Even if the world's precious medicine is wrapped in silver foil and eaten with a golden spoon, its effectiveness is still a hatch in front of exercise.

It is now known that ten minutes of daily exercise, physical activity, and walking can prevent diseases and increase the average age.

Based on the same report, doctors have suggested that people aged 40 to 85 years should ensure a ten-minute walk every day. More than 100,000 lives can be saved annually if only Americans get used to it.

Pedro St. Morais, a professor of metabolic epidemiology at the National Cancer Institute in Maryland, says that walking briskly instead of jogging can benefit seniors of all races and colors.

The scientists examined 4,800 people from middle age to old age. All of these individuals were part of a large government survey from 2003 to 2006.

For seven days, all participants wore monitors that recorded physical activity. It was then reviewed through 2015 and looked at mortality data across the United States.

The study found that 10 minutes of daily exercise reduced the risk of premature death by 7 percent, 20 minutes of exercise by 13 percent, and an extra half hour of walking or exercise increased the risk by 17 percent.

Now if people spend only 20 minutes daily for exercise, it can save more than 200,000 lives every year.
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