12 Causes of Weight Gain and Effective Weight Management

12 Causes of Weight Gain and Effective Weight Management

Weight gain can occur due to a variety of factors. If you're concerned about your weight, you might be asking how this happened. Weight gain can be caused by a variety of factors, including drug usage, sedentary living, and a lack of sleep.

This essay is for you if you've already considered these options but are still unsure of how you've gained weight.

Energy imbalances between the number of calories we consume and the amount we burn, according to the World Health Organization, usually result in weight gain. This article offers tips on how to deal with the problem and lists 12 causes of weight gain.

1. Depression

According to the WHO, 350 million people of all ages worldwide suffer from depression. Many people gain weight as a result of real-life difficulties such as depression.

Weight gain can also be caused by antidepressants. Depression can only be cured if you want to get better. Encourage yourself to engage in activities that you enjoy and that make you happy.

Exercise is the most effective way to manage depression without taking medication. Take up a sport, take art classes, and go on vacation. If you don't have a confidant, you can express yourself in a notebook or a book. As a result, you'll feel less stressed.

2. Unhealthy Food

12 Causes of Weight Gain and Effective Weight Management

Unhealthy foods are high in sodium, trans fats, and artificial food coloring. Although it tastes good, it increases your chances of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Make your meals at home at least five days a week.

You can cut the vegetables and store them in zip-top bags during the workweek. You should also avoid buying processed foods, simple carbs, or high-salt food items at the grocery store. Buy lean meats such as fish, ground turkey, and chicken breast.

Quinoa, celery, broccoli, eggs, multigrain bread, wheat pasta and noodles, herbs, cinnamon, black pepper, citrus fruits, green leafy veggies, almonds, fish oil, tofu, olive oil, fat-free milk, soy milk, lentils, dark chocolate are all good sources of fiber.

3. Inactive Way of Life

Because of technology, we've all become sluggish. We rarely get off of the couch or bed if a computer or TV is in front of us. Even small children prefer playing on the Xbox or PlayStation over playing outside.

This is most likely the reason for the increased number of young individuals suffering from lifestyle diseases. You will gain weight if you do not allow your body to use the energy you consume, and it will be extremely difficult to lose weight.

Play outdoor games, sign up for a dance class like Zumba or another dance style, and take an hour off from work to walk, bike, or walk to work, and go on hikes.

4. Medicines

12 Causes of Weight Gain and Effective Weight Management

Many of the drugs have negative side effects. One of them is putting on weight. Depression, migraine, steroids, allergies, Type II Diabetes, blood pressure, birth control, and seizure medications can all cause unexpected weight gain.

Ask your doctor if any other medications won't affect your weight as much as the one you're currently taking. Join a gym, use a steam room, eat well, and sleep well.

5. Digestive Issues

Many ailments are treated through the digestive system. If you have gastrointestinal problems, you will gain weight. It could be caused by eating unhealthy foods, overeating, not drinking enough water, drinking a lot of alcohol, or not having enough good gut bacteria. 

Probiotic beverages, ginger, high-fiber meals, fresh fruit juices, yogurt, buttermilk, and other digestive aids should all be consumed. Make it a habit to drink at least 1 cup of warm water as soon as you wake up each morning. In addition, drink 3-4 liters of water per day. This will encourage regular bowel movements.

6. Pregnancy

12 Causes of Weight Gain and Effective Weight Management

During pregnancy, women usually go through a lot of hormonal and physical changes. It is difficult to resist these desires. Furthermore, it is recommended that women consume as much as possible because they are feeding two people! Furthermore, women often gain more weight in the third (and last) trimester.

Some women lose weight while breastfeeding, while others do not. Gaining that much weight so quickly can make pregnancy more difficult. Furthermore, these women struggle to lose weight after having a baby.

7. Environment

Several genes have been linked to weight gain. According to researchers, having a family history of obesity is a substantial risk factor for people who have recently acquired weight or are at risk of doing so.

However, the environment has a significant impact. If a family eats poorly and is physically inactive, the next generation is likely to follow in their footsteps. That could explain the weight gain.

8. Age

12 Causes of Weight Gain and Effective Weight Management

Women begin to lose muscular mass shortly after reaching the age of 30. Muscle loss decreases metabolism. Thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels all fall. As we become older, we have less activity and more stress, which contributes to weight gain.

Continue to exercise. Now is the time to join a gym and combine resistance and cardio training. It will aid in the maintenance of hormonal balance and muscle growth.

Stress reduction through meditation and music. Include fat-free milk, spinach, lean protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates in your diet.

9. Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is another key contributor to excess fat. Alcohol is metabolized into sugar molecules in the body. In the absence of exercise, this sugar is converted into fat and stored throughout our bodies. Binge drinking causes fat to accumulate in the liver, which promotes fatty liver.

10. Sleeping, Less

12 Causes of Weight Gain and Effective Weight Management

Sleep deprivation has been linked to weight gain, according to studies. Sleep controls neuroendocrine and glucose metabolism, therefore a lack of sleep reduces insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. It also reduces leptin, which increases appetite and hunger.

Make sure you have at least two to three hours between dinner and bedtime. Unwind by reading a book or listening to music. Put your worries aside and enjoy a restful night's sleep in a well-made bed. 

Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night to give your body the rest it requires. Get up early so you can exercise and eat a hearty breakfast before you leave.

11. Diet

Crash diets do not work for the majority of women. Extremely low-calorie diets, on the other hand, produce weight gain. This happens because the body goes into epidemic mode and starts storing the calories consumed as fat. In other words, you will gain weight rather than lose it.

Stop wasting your time on crash diets. It not only causes weight gain but also a slew of health problems. To lose weight, eat healthily and exercise frequently.

12. Snacking at Midnight

12 Causes of Weight Gain and Effective Weight Management

After around two to three hours of being up late, your appetite begins to develop. Rather than eating a wholesome snack, you opt for ice cream or a large bag of potato wafers. Foods heavy in sugar, sodium, and trans fat increase water retention and fat storage.

Go to bed 1-2 hours after dinner. Brush your teeth immediately after eating. How does this help? The majority of people, after brushing their teeth, refrain from eating. Furthermore, you are too tired to brush your teeth again, which should deter you from eating!

FAQs About Gain Weight
How can I gain weight?

Most people will be slim until the age of 22-24 years and then gain weight if they do not exercise or take supplements. So don't be concerned. Weight gain happens gradually. It takes some time. Expect no instant results.

How can a 23-year-old man's weight be increased?

To gain weight, consume more carbohydrate-rich foods. You can gain weight by eating more rice. Hypermetabolic states can be caused by certain disorders, such as hyperthyroidism. So, get your thyroid function checked.

I am 5 feet tall and weigh 40 kilogrammes. How can I put on weight?

To gain weight in a healthy way, you must build muscle; I recommend that you engage in regular physical activity as well as a healthy diet pattern. Start eating oily or junk food to gain weight for a healthy diet.

How can I gain weight and overcome my weaknesses?

I understand that weight gain can be difficult for some people, but it is certainly doable. Your lady should gain at least 6 to 7 kilos. You should eat foods that you enjoy because this will encourage you to eat more than usual.

Is there a connection between my quick weight gain and hair loss?

I thoroughly read your problem and will gladly assist you. Hypothyroidism is characterised by weight gain and hair loss. I would recommend that you get your thyroid profile done. I am recommending drugs to treat your problems temporarily.

I began snoring and gained weight. What should I do?

You should be aware that gaining weight can cause snoring and sleep apnea. Snoring is not a symptom of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), but it is caused by an obstruction of the airways, which is most likely caused by weight gain.

I am 170 cm tall and weigh 48 kg. What are the best strategies to gain weight?

I appreciate your concern. I would recommend the following: Complete hemogram, blood sugar, and thyroid function tests are examples of investigations. To gain weight, follow a carbohydrate-rich diet that includes potato, sweet potato, rice, palm fruit, egg, whole grains, apple, and watermelon.

How can I gain weight?

Most people will be slim until the age of 22-24 years and then gain weight if they do not exercise or take supplements. So don't be concerned. Weight gain happens gradually. It takes some time. Expect no instant results.

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