A link between vitamin K and better heart health discovered

A link between vitamin K and better heart health discovered

Scientists have said after a long study that a new link between vitamin K and heart diseases has emerged. If the consumption of foods rich in vitamin K is continued, it reduces the risk of narrowing the arteries by 34%.

In this regard, 50 thousand people have been evaluated in Denmark and this survey was continued for 23 years.

The study aimed to determine the relationship between vitamin K and cardiovascular disease, or plaque build-up and narrowing of the coronary arteries.

Vitamin K is found in two forms i.e. vitamin K1 and K2, green leafy vegetables and vegetable oils contain vitamin K1 while meat, eggs, cheese, etc. contain vitamin K2.

Now people who take vitamin K1 have a 21% reduction in the number of hospitalizations due to narrowing of the arteries and heart disease.

While fair use of vitamin K2 can reduce the risk of these diseases by 14%. Both types of vitamin K can reduce the risk of heart disease by 34%.

This research was done by University of Western Australia scientist Dr. Jamie Belengi and his colleagues.

According to them, the vitamin keeps the heart healthy and prevents the accumulation of calcium on the inner walls of the arteries which eventually leads to plaque. Therefore, regular intake of vitamin K is very important.

According to experts, spinach, salad leaves, blueberries, broccoli, cabbage, kiwi, okra, green beans, and chicken are rich sources of vitamins.

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