Do you also hide your child's obesity?

Do you also hide your child's obesity?

Doctors say obesity has bad health consequences, but parents hardly notice their children's obesity.

A study of nearly 3,000 families in the UK found that only four parents were aware of their children's obesity. Talked about 369 children who were found to be obese in the medical examination.

Researchers in the British journal called General Practice says that obesity has become the new norm in society.

Experts believe the study underlines the 'excessiveness' of the obesity epidemic. According to the National Child Measurement Program, one in five six-year-olds is obese, while 14 percent are in the overweight category.

A team from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Great Armand Street Hospital gave a questionnaire to nearly 3,000 families asking whether their children were obese, underweight, or underweight.

Comes in standard weight. In response, 31 percent of parents underestimated their children's weight when accurate testing revealed children were more likely to be obese.

Professor Russell Winer of Great Armand Street said modern parents don't recognize their children's obesity. If parents don't recognize that their child is overweight, how can they help them achieve a healthy weight?

In addition, it adds to the public health crisis. Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies highlighted in her annual report that being overweight is becoming the new normal, Professor Winer said.

What we can do is educate parents about what size their baby should be when they give birth and not be afraid to talk to other parents about their concerns.

On the results of this study, Shirley Kramer of the Royal Society for Public Health said that the importance and benefits of an active lifestyle and a healthy diet should be emphasized during school education so that society understands the relationship between diet and good health.

Said that parents are important role models for their children and it is essential that they are aware of all the factors affecting health. He also said that it is not only the work of parents but the entire society.

It should also contribute to popularizing the message of a good diet. He noted that limiting the promotion of junk food and labeling foods as good nutrition would help in this.
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