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Eat curd Drive away obesity

Eat curd Drive away obesity

There comes a limit of age when even a well-proportioned body starts to turn into fat and within a short period, a very smart person starts to look bereft of beauty due to obesity.

Obesity not only spoils the appearance and beauty of a person, but it also causes many diseases.

Mua Lajin says that to live a healthy life, it is important that the weight should be by the prescribed weight according to age and height.

Routine life also plays an important role in weight gain. Regular exercise, jogging, and walking should also be done regularly to maintain or reduce weight.

A recent study conducted in the United States has said that "due to the changing style of our diet, many such items have been added to our diet, which can accumulate heat (calories) in the body to a great extent." Causes.

Since these calories are more than we need for energy and are left over from being burned, they start to accumulate in our body in the form of fat and gradually we start to get fat. Scientists have been quoted as saying that "there are some foods that start melting the fat in the body faster."

Based on the research, it has been reported that the weight lost during dieting is twice as much as the weight lost by dieting if yogurt is also consumed during this period.

Weight could be reduced. Explaining this, medical scientists who researched have said that "the reason for rapid weight loss with the use of yogurt is the high amount of calcium contained in them, which helps in the stages of weight loss." It helps in speeding up.

Research has shown that "people who make fat-free yogurt a regular part of their diet during dieting start losing weight faster than people who use fat-free yogurt to lose weight." Of these, we simply reduce our calorie intake."

Obese people who used yogurt and other fat-free dairy products for weight loss lost 22 percent more weight, lost 61 percent more body fat and lost up to 81 percent more body fat than other people in just four months. They can reduce the enlarged belly.

"Obese people should divide their diet into two groups for weight loss, one of which is simple and low-calorie foods, and the other is yogurt and other fat-free dairy products," says nutritionist Professor Michael Zemel.

They should consume this diet containing eleven milligrams of calcium daily and eat fat-free yogurt three times a day.

Presenting the report, Prof. Michael further said that curd helps in rapid weight loss as well as makes the organs proportional.

Medical scientists and doctors are surprised by the new discovery of the role of calcium in weight loss and this discovery is being applauded.

Professor Zimel says, "If taken in the right amount of calcium, it can help the body to dissolve fat." Accelerates the process and also prevents the accumulation of new fat in the body”.

The calcium that the body gets from yogurt, milk, and other dairy products not only reduces excess weight but also builds the muscles of the body and strengthens the bones.

Those who are at risk of developing osteoporosis, they can get the two benefits of weight loss and bone strength at the same time by using yogurt.

Prof. Zymel recommends that "dairy products should be consumed three to four times a day for weight loss and fat-free or low-fat varieties should be preferred."

To make yogurt more palatable, fruits, etc. can be added to it. Men and women who want to lose weight can reduce excess weight while eating and drinking by rearranging their diet. Body acquisition can be done with ease.

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