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Know the symptoms of dehydration in the body?

Know the symptoms of dehydration in the body?

We all know that for better health it is very important to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes eating a balanced diet, exercising, getting deep and restful sleep and of course drinking adequate amounts of water.

This is the reason why eight to ten glasses of water should be taken daily throughout the day so that all the functions of the body can work in a better way.

This is the best rule recommended by health experts, but is this standard equally acceptable for everyone? And the need for water is eight glasses for some and more for others.

Now how to determine how much water is needed and what are the signs of water shortage so that he can increase his water consumption by seeing them. Here, considering all these aspects, a few symptoms of water deficiency are being told, to know what they are.

Urine color and quantity

Know the symptoms of dehydration in the body?

Instead of knowing how much water you drank, see how many times you went to the washroom and what color it is. If you go to the bathroom once every 90 minutes to two hours, it is wonderful, but if the color of your urine is yellow and you have this need after six hours, then know that you are suffering from dehydration. If you are having this urge every 30 minutes, it means that you are suffering from excess water, thus it can cause harm instead of benefit.

Look at the texture of the skin

Another best way to know about dehydration is to carefully examine the skin for elasticity. This method is usually used for children and the elderly. If it stays in place, there is no dehydration. If the skin takes time to return to its original state, you are dehydrated. Other symptoms include dizziness and fatigue.

Delicious ways to drink and eat water

If you have these symptoms, increasing your water intake or drinking water is difficult for you, so you should include fruits and vegetables in your diet that contain plenty of water.

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