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Some unique uses of vinegar that you may not know

Some unique uses of vinegar that you may not know

Who is not aware of the benefits of vinegar, it has been used for centuries and even today it is added to the spices of many foods to enhance its taste. Vinegar is not only used in food, but today we will tell you many other uses of vinegar that you are not aware of.

Eliminating odors from food storage containers They often contain the smell of food, to eliminate it, soak a paper napkin in vinegar overnight and the smell will disappear.

Reduces salt in food

If there is too much salt in the food, then add a little vinegar to it, the taste of vinegar will not be felt in the food and it will also reduce the salt.

Gently squeeze out the ketchup that has frozen in the bottom of the bottle. Pour some amount of vinegar into the bottle and shake it, and all the ketchup will come out.

Eliminate the fishy smell

Add a tablespoon of vinegar while frying or boiling fish, it will not only remove the smell of the fish but also make the meat tender. And if you want to keep the color of the fish white, then add two spoons of vinegar to the water and keep the fish in it for twenty minutes and the color will remain white.

Eliminate the smell of cabbage

Add a little vinegar to the water while cooking the cabbage to get rid of the smell.

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