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5 Healthy Foods That Go Dangerously in the Oven

5 Healthy Foods That Go Dangerously in the Oven

Experts say 5 healthy foods that become dangerous after going through the microwave oven.

Many nutritionists agree that repeatedly reheating food in a microwave oven is harmful to health. Now a report has come out in this regard, in which there is a mention of these 5 foods which are used in the homes as usual.

According to reports, repeated heating of food not only destroys its useful nutrients but in some cases, bacteria that are considered dangerous to human health are also produced.


Egg is an essential part of our daily diet, and many people like to eat them in different ways. After making an omelet or boiling eggs, putting them back in the microwave oven is dangerous for health. Reheating egg products can lead to bacteria such as salmonella which can cause food poisoning.


5 Healthy Foods That Go Dangerously in the Oven

Potatoes are in second place. Heating potatoes in a microwave oven is also harmful to health. Because of this process in potatoes, C. A favorable environment is created for the bacteria called botulinum.


Leftover chicken curry is also one of the foods that should be avoided in the microwave oven. The best way to use leftover chicken overnight is to slowly heat it over low to medium heat to kill all the bacteria in it.

If the chicken is placed in a microwave oven to heat it quickly, the protein in it starts to turn into toxic substances. Eating such food causes gas in the stomach or upsets the stomach.


5 Healthy Foods That Go Dangerously in the Oven

Experts also advise against reheating rice. Heating them in a microwave oven can cause harmful bacteria to grow in them. The best way to reheat rice is to take it out of the fridge first and reheat it on a gas stove.


Regarding seafood or fish, nutritionists say that such items should not be eaten until they have been refrigerated for at least two hours. If seafood is not kept at cold temperatures, it will develop bacteria which is not destroyed even by heating.

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