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Take these precautions in winter to stay healthy

Take these precautions in winter to stay healthy

Winter is here and the air is getting colder. In this season, where cold winds blow, many seasonal diseases also come along with them, including cold, fever, cough, and flu. If you include some foods in your diet during this season, they can be avoided.

Strengthen the immune system

Everyone knows how important vitamin C is for a better immune system, but very few people know that green tea increases your ability to fight diseases. Antioxidants called catechins contained in it help in preventing flu. While the phagephyllin in it provides relief in respiratory problems, its other benefits include boosting metabolism, preventing heart disease and protecting the skin.

Some protection of the skin

Take these precautions in winter to stay healthy

Niacin, riboflavin and vitamin A keep skin healthy the good news is that everything from cereal to carrots plays an important role in preventing skin dryness.

Niacin, the B vitamin, protects the skin against cold weather and irritation, which is found in abundant amounts in eggs and meat. Riboflavin is also a type of vitamin B that is considered essential for healthy skin.

It is found in high amounts in cereals, eggs, milk and green leafy vegetables, while vitamin A helps in the growth of new cells in old skin. Is. Tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and spinach are good sources of vitamin A.

Prevent hair from drying out

Winds in winter are cold and dry, which makes hair dry and brittle because the air lacks moisture, choose foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as fish, Aloe oil, and dry fruits, etc. will provide natural moisture to the hair surface.

Take care of the nails

Take these precautions in winter to stay healthy

Brownies made from walnuts are as tasty as they are healthy. The biotin and vitamin B present in walnuts make nails strong, and strawberries are also very beneficial in this regard. Add protein-rich foods to your diet to increase the protein-keratin in your fingernails that protects against environmental damage to prevent brittle nails.

Winter and bone pain

Cold winds cause a lot of damage to the bones, so increase the intake of vitamin D in this season. Foods that are rich in it include salmon, egg yolks, beef liver, milk, soy milk, yogurt, orange juice, and cereal.

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