Even dim bedroom lighting can raise blood sugar

Even dim bedroom lighting can raise blood sugar

A small study found that even dim lighting in the bedroom at night can alter blood sugar levels. This is because, especially in Western countries, there is a lamp on the headboard or the TV is on and its light is present in the room.

The summary of the research is that for most people, even modest bedroom lighting can affect their sleep. But the matter is not limited to sleep, this light can disturb the glucose in the blood, the effects of which can appear the next day. Thus the level of sugar in the blood can be higher than normal.

Then the effects of direct light can also cause obesity or type 2 diabetes. But still, more research is needed on this. More research is needed on bedtime lights and poor health.

Interestingly, several previous studies have shown that bedroom lighting can lead to many diseases, including obesity. Accordingly, Dr. Phyllis Zee of the Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago and her colleagues recruited 20 people and began investigating them.

These individuals were sewn up in the laboratory for two nights. On the first day, all the people were stitched up in a completely dark room. On the second day, half of the participants were asked to sleep in 100 lux light. This light was the equivalent of a bedside light or a TV in the living room or the street light coming through a curtain.

The following morning, all subjects had two blood tests to measure insulin. In the second test, glucose was administered after awakening, after which insulin behavior was noted.

The volunteers who spent the night in dim light had higher blood sugar levels the next day, while those who slept in a completely dark room had much lower levels.

No excess blood sugar was observed in those who slept in total darkness on both nights. However, experts have also announced a major study in this regard.
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