Try these tips to get rid of cough

Try these tips to get rid of cough

It's normal to get a cold when winter hits, and whenever you get a cold, it's almost always accompanied by a persistent (and annoying) cough.

When a cough is bothering you, you do whatever it takes to get rid of it. Luckily we have a few tips to deal with this.


Coughing is completely normal. We don't just do it because of a cold or flu, we do it because our body is trying to keep our lungs and airways clear of any blockages.

When you get a cold or other infection, or when you breathe in smoke or dust, the mucous membranes in your airways produce mucus.

When you have mucus in your airway, your body will make sure to get rid of it. And it does so with a cough. Eventually, over time, your cough will go away, but sometimes you want to speed up the process.


The first tip is to add a little honey and a little sugar to the boiling water. Honey soothes your throat and also your mucous membranes. So mix three spoons of honey with a little sugar and about one cup of warm water.

You don't need to drink a (very) sweet drink in one go. If you drink it slowly, it will definitely make your throat feel better and it will prevent you from coughing.


If you don't like honey, you can also make your own ginger tea by adding ginger to a cup of hot water. This will break up the mucus in your airways. And that means no more coughing.

If you want to make this drink more effective, add some cinnamon. Boil some water in a pot, add ginger slices, a cinnamon stick, and some cloves. This will not only make your ginger tea tastier, but it will also be more effective in treating your cough.


Another type of tea that can relieve you from a persistent cough is thyme tea.

If you make yourself a cup of thyme tea with a little sugar in it, it will soothe your throat and protect your mucous membranes from bacteria.
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