Can Exercise Benefit You When You're Unwell? know

Can Exercise Benefit You When You're Unwell? know

Exercising is good for you, people like to say and of course, there is truth to it. But is exercise always good for you? Even when you're sick, tired, or just feeling overwhelmed and sad?

It can be difficult to motivate yourself to move your body when you feel tired after an activity, or when you don't feel good after an event.

Because when we are sick or tired, our bodies respond accordingly. And apparently, this sign should not be ignored.

According to Amy Brogan, a personal trainer, not listening to your body can make your problems worse. "Exhaustion is your body's signal that you need to rest," he said. If you ignore these signs, you could get sick or injure yourself.

"Exercising when your body needs to rest is not beneficial," he said.
Rest days

That's why you should include rest days in your training schedule. Even if you're trying to achieve something big like running a marathon, rest days are really important because rest not only helps your body heal but also helps you recover mentally. Helps to be.

Your body needs rest to repair itself and will let you know exactly when rest is needed.
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