Is it possible for a person to live without both kidneys?

Is it possible for a person to live without both kidneys?

A person can live without one kidney, but is it possible to live without both kidneys? We thought it was not possible but the recent incident shocked the medical experts.

 An incident happened in the Indian state of Muzaffarpur, where a doctor escaped after removing both kidneys of a patient, the patient has been living without a kidney for four months, and she does her dialysis every two days due to which she is alive.

However, the question is can a person live without a kidney, the answer is yes, then how many days?

How long can a person live without a kidney?

According to medical experts, human life without a kidney depends on dialysis, how the human body is accepting this situation, but it is necessary for him to go for dialysis every two days.

Which diet is beneficial for people suffering from kidney diseases?

Today we will tell you which food is considered beneficial for people suffering from kidney diseases.

Kidneys are the most important organs of the body that excrete waste materials from the body in the form of urine, thus they act as a filter for the blood.

Adequate intake of water and a balanced diet is very important for the proper functioning of the kidneys. According to a recent study, eating "fish" in people suffering from kidney disease can benefit them.

Experts say that people who eat a diet based on various types of marine creatures, i.e. fish, have fewer kidney diseases while eating fish benefits people with old or severe kidney disease.

Experts said that eating fish can also prevent kidney diseases. Experts suggest that people should eat different types of fish for kidney health.
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