Symptoms of depression that appear on the body

Symptoms of depression that appear on the body

Many people think that depression is a mental illness, so its symptoms will also be based on mental problems, but the reality is the opposite.

Because people suffering from depression also face physical problems along with mental problems, today we will tell you about the physical symptoms of depression.

Headaches are very painful

For patients with depression, the severity of any chronic pain can be worse. For example, these patients often experience severe migraine headaches.

Sleep problems

Most people suffering from depression have bad sleep, they can't sleep at all or they open their eyes too early. But some patients start sleeping much longer than usual.

Physical pain is experienced in different ways

Depression has negative effects on the function of nerve cells, some of which also analyze the details of physical pain.
This is why many medical experts believe that people with depression experience pain differently than other people.


Back pain is also quite common in depressed people, while muscle spasms and joint pain may also occur.

Changes in appetite or body weight

Some people with depression do not feel hungry while others overeat, resulting in weight gain or loss.

Chest pain

Complaints of chest pain also occur in patients with depression and the risk of heart disease increases in people suffering from depression.

Digestive system problems

Patients with depression often also experience digestive problems such as vomiting, nausea, indigestion, or constipation.
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