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Feeling old can make us sick, research suggests

A recent study in the United States found that people who feel old are more likely to suffer from various mental and physical illnesses, including de…

The most accurate biological age can be determined by the eyes

The eyes are the windows of the body and can also reveal physical conditions. It is now known that a detailed examination of the eyes can not only de…

Vitamin D and Omega-3 are effective in preventing arthritis

Vitamin D has been called the magic vitamin and it is now known that vitamin D supplements and omega-3 fatty acids can greatly prevent autoimmune dis…

Discovering the Mysterious Link Between Beauty and Disease-Protecting Natural Systems

American scientists have discovered that outwardly beautiful and attractive people have a stronger immune systems. A study conducted with the help of…

The scientific reason for insomnia in old age has been revealed

We know that seniors get less sleep as they age. Explaining the scientific reason for this, experts have said that in old age, the brain cells (nerve…

Damson: The best protector of aging women's bones

Aloocha or Aloo Bukhara, a fruit that grows abundantly around the world, can be very beneficial for bones when dried. If elderly women include it in …
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