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Sleeping too much during the day is also a sign of mental illness

Chinese-American scientists have discovered from a long-term study on elderly people that sleeping  unnecessarily long during the day can also be a …

Cigarettes are an intravenous poison - Health-Teachers

How ignorant are we people, we have already stepped on this path which is the end of life, and at the same time, we make our relations suffer in this…

Causes of anger and their prevention - Health-Teachers

Stress in relationships with relatives and friends, financial problems, and health problems can have a profound effect on your mental state. Bitterne…

Household tips to avoid heat - Health-Teachers

The weather has a profound effect on our mood and our overall health. When the heat intensifies, I get irritable and at the same time, I face health …

Obsessive Compulsion is a treatable mental illness - Health-Teachers

This is really a mental and psychological problem called Obsessive Compulsion Disorder. Obsessive-Compulsion Disorder is a mental illness. But they d…
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