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Reducing depression by hugging a breathable pillow

Depression , panic , and anxiety  have become a part of our daily life. With medicine, scientists have now created a human-feeling pillow that breath…

New Blood Test to Identify Bipolar Disorder - Health-Teachers

An international team of scientists has jointly discovered six biomarkers in human blood   that can identify patients with bipolar disorder. Millions…

What is a scattered mind? Health-Teachers

A disorganized mind means a severe mental disorder, in which the mind is confused and confused. Due to the mental disorder, the patient starts having…

Fill Paint and reduce the Stress - Health-Teachers

T he universe is a beautiful combination of colors. Man loves natural beauty and gets lost in the colors of nature. The blue and white color of the s…

Smelling the perfume well relieves your stress - Health-Teachers

The fragrance is obtained not only from flowers but also from different parts of the plant, such as bark, stems, roots, and leaves. Fragrance does no…

Take a nap and increase your mental capacity - Health-Teachers

A short nap after lunch is called a nap. This is a blessed tradition of our beloved Prophet and after many centuries, modern scientific research and …
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