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Granddaughters and neighbors may be obese due to smoking, study

British scientists have discovered that the habit of those who started smoking at a young age can lead to obesity in their third generation. These re…

Should non-smokers be concerned about cigarette smoke? Health-Teachers

Seventy-five-year-old Nalini Satyanarayan says, “I can't breathe through my nose. I breathe through the hole in my neck, this process is called …

Tobacco products are having dangerous effects on the environment - Health-Teachers

Eight million people die every year because of smoking , but the industry is not only responsible for people's deaths, but it is having a more da…

There are many disadvantages of smoking - Health-Teachers

Smoking more cigarettes can make you look old before your time. This makes the human skin rough and pale. There are 4,000 such harmful chemicals in t…

How to stay safe from cancer - Health-Teachers

Cancer is such a life-threatening disease that it is frightening to hear its name, and it is a fact that after heart disease, most deaths are due to …

21 Symptoms That Can Kill Smokers - Health-Teachers

Smoking is poisonous and in many ways extremely harmful  to health , but still, a significant number of smokers are addicted. According to experts, s…
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