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Amazing Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

Herbs have different properties. Keeping these properties in mind, today, the East and the West are equally benefiting from these medicinal plants …

Hot drinks can be a potential cause of cancer - Health-Teachers

Consumption of hot drinks doubles the risk of cancer or esophageal cancer World health experts warn that very hot drinks can be a possible cause of c…

Green Tea The Most Useful Skin Tonic - Health-Teachers

Green tea has long been used as a beverage in Asia , but the German cosmetic industry is now introducing it as a skin tonic. Green tea is also said t…

Fragrant delicious coffee - Health-Teachers

So this lack of coffee keeps them exhausted and restless all day long, but those who enjoy their Morning Cup, that is, those who are eager to drink a…

Milk Tea Does Not Lose Your Weight - Health-Teachers

Maulana Abul Kalam was a firm believer in the sweetness and freshness of free tea. He was fond of green tea in jasmine buds and the mixture of milk…

Scientists have revealed the amazing benefits of coffee to the delight of its listeners - Health-Teachers

Scientists from the United Kingdom and Hungary have revealed a surprising benefit of coffee in a new study that you will be happy to hear.  According…

Beware, too much green tea is bad for your health - Health-Teachers

Most people are aware of the many benefits  of green tea , but there are many benefits to using it.  Consumption of green tea controls cholesterol an…

Learn hidden Health Benefits of Tea - Health-Teachers

According to research, the most widely consumed beverage in the world, tea is very useful for human health  and it plays an important role in prevent…
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