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Ten minutes of daily walking or physical activity can increase lifespan

Even if the world's precious medicine is wrapped in silver foil and eaten with a golden spoon, its effectiveness is still a hatch in front of exe…

Walk fast and slow down aging

Although there are countless benefits  of brisk walking, it is now known that brisk walking can slow down the aging process at the genetic level. Thi…

Treat pain with physiotherapy - Health-Teachers

Physiotherapy is a therapy that reduces pain through a variety of physical techniques and facilitates the movement of the limbs. Physiotherapists use…

Obesity in children can lead to heart disease - Health-Teachers

Excessive consumption of sugar, playing video games, and staring at mobile phones and computers is not only making children lazy and lazy but also gi…

Here are three exercises that can be done at home to reduce belly fat and build packs - Health-Teachers

There is a general impression that you need to work out in the gym for hours to build muscle, but now a specialist doctor has suggested some simple e…

The American girl lost weight by eating something that made her vomit - Health-Teachers

People diet  and exercise  to get rid of obesity , but this American girl lost a significant amount of weight in a few months by eating something tha…

Importance Of Morning Walk for Health Fitness - Health-Teachers

By following the teachings of the " Prophet Muhammad" , man can be protected from diseases . He said that cleanliness is half faith. Being …

Useful tips to get rid of feeling tired after waking up in the morning - Health-Teachers

Some people feel tired after waking up in the morning, which can have many causes. A sleep expert named James Wilson has come up with some tips to h…
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