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Damson: The best protector of aging women's bones

Aloocha or Aloo Bukhara, a fruit that grows abundantly around the world, can be very beneficial for bones when dried. If elderly women include it in …

Happy nostalgia can also be a pain reliever, study finds

Poets have described the past as torment, no doubt, but science says that positive and happy memories or memoriescan help reduce the intensity of pai…

Fibrous foods protect against dementia

According to recent longitudinal studies and surveys, a diet rich in whole grains and fiber may protect the elderly from the most debilitating and fa…

Hearing diseases are increasing due to noise pollution, medical experts

Ear, Nose, and Throat experts have said that the current number of people suffering from hearing disorders is 45 crores, which will increase to 90 cr…

After brain surgery, the young girl lost her memory

A 22-year-old girl has lost most of her memory  after brain surgery. He can't remember anything now even with great effort.  Veronika Fefencic fr…

Reducing depression by hugging a breathable pillow

Depression , panic , and anxiety  have become a part of our daily life. With medicine, scientists have now created a human-feeling pillow that breath…
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